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Research Interest

  • Machine Learning and Data Mining

  • Robust Optimization and Chance Constraints

  • Network Optimization and Multi-Level Problems



Research Work

  • Obtained machine learning optimization models with data uncertainties and solving algorithms on large-scale data sets.

  • Constructed a modified active set algorithm for discrete network design bi-level problem.

  • Developed the annual travel time reliability calculation spreadsheet for arterial roads.

  • Developed several techniques to extract roads from aerial images by image processing and pattern recognition.




  • Wang, X., Fan, N., and Pardalos, P. M. Robust Chance-Constrained Support Vector Machines with Second-Order Moment Information. Annals of Operations Research (2018) 263: 45-68. [Link] [PDF]

  • Wang, X., Fan, N., and Pardalos, P. M. Stochastic Subgradient Descent Method for Large-Scale Robust Chance-Constrained Support Vector Machines. Optimization Letters (2017) 11: 1013-1024. [Link] [PDF]

  • Wang, X., and Pardalos, P. M. A Modified Active Set Algorithm for Transportation Discrete Network Design Bi-Level Problem. Journal of Global Optimization (2017) 67: 325-342. [Link] [PDF] [Code] [Data] [Frank-Wolfe]

  • Wang, X., and Pardalos, P. M. A Survey of Support Vector Machines with Uncertainties. Annals of Data Science (2014) 1: 293-309. [Link] [PDF]

  • Elefteriadou, L., Lu, C., Li, Z., Wang, X., and Jin, L. Multimodal and Corridor Applications of Travel Time Reliability. Technical Report. Florida Department of Transportation (2012). [Link]

  • Wang, X. The Research and Application of Road Extraction from Remote Sensing Images. Master Thesis. Tsinghua University (2011). [Link]

  • Wang, X., Zhao, H., Tang, Z., and Fu, G. Road Extraction in Remote Sensing Images based on PCNN and Mathematical Morphology. In SPIE Satellite Data Compression, Communication, and Processing (2009), 74550N. [Link]

  • Wang, X., Zhao, H., Fang, B., Fu, G., and Wang, W. The Development of Road Information Extraction from Remote Sensing Images. In SPIE International Conference on Earth Observation Data Processing and Analysis (2008), 72850U. [Link]



Conference Presentations

  • Wang, X., and Pardalos, P. M. Support Vector Machine Classification with Robust Chance Constraints. In Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) Annual Meeting (2014), San Francisco, CA. [Slides]

  • Wang, X., Lawphongpanich, S., and Yin, Y. Piecewise Linear Approximation of Bi-level Problems in Transportation. In Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) Annual Meeting (2013), Minneapolis, MN. [Slides]



Journal and Conference Reviews

  • Annals of Operations Research

  • Optimization Letters

  • Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

  • Optimization Methods and Software

  • Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications

  • Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization

  • Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting and Journal of Transportation Research Record


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